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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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>> couple of units to a couple of hundred units you should be conditioning all of those housing unit they're occupied by real people and not rented out as hotels result of allowing them to be used for hotels is as the prices goes up and if the prices goes up your counter sunnyvale the entire incentive project that the mayor and supervisor kim and i think the voters are going to set on the ballot of creating housing that meets the needs of residents of the city we're also housing a lot of the workers in san mateo and santa clara county that's another complication right now but you need to have a discussion of things you can do and you need the city attorney's
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advise so i'm pleading with you may be it's two or three weeks from now have on our calendar a discussion of what conditions the planning commission could put on the new housing that keeps them residential and it warns people all of the sob stories around airbnb talked about our housing prices restraining order two high i need the income if we make the problem nor severe then selling the units as quasi hotels at least part of the year we'll never get out of the mess put this on your calendar you have the power to do that look at page 7 at the bottom of the agenda. >> is there any additional public comment seeing none,
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public comment is closed. >> commissioners that places you under our regular calendar item 8 for the next case the patrick rod and gun soil remedial action this is a appeal of a negative declaration. >> good afternoon, commissioners and commissioner president wu i am tim johnson with the san francisco planning department with me is the senior planner with the department as well the item before you is an appeal of the preliminary midst negative declaration for the sf soil remediation project at the gun club on john mirror drive the sf owns lake merced and the rod gun club leases this site the puc project seeks to clean up the
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soil at the rod gun site by a remedial action plan prepared that i the sf puc in response to an issue by the water control board the order was issued to the puc as the landowner of the site the project consist of an appropriate disposal of soil containing elevated concentrations of led and cashes and back filling the site the excavated areas with clean material you should have a packet with a motion to uphold the negative declaration our response to the appeal letter the appeal letter itself and additions of copies of the
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revised preliminary it was published on june 5th, 2014, and on july 5th, 2014, the department received an appeal from the pacific rod gun club as subscribed the issues include the concerns of peace male and female we inappropriately defined the action for the proposed project and concerns about the historical resources and holistic resources and the impacts warned the preparation of an environmental impact report the responses is provided in exhibit a of our packet addresses the concerns as well the other comments received as described no substantial
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evidence of a significantville effect has been prepared for an environmental impact report the staff represents the planning commission adapt the commission to uphold the preliminary negative impact that concludes my presentation. however, i'm available if you have any questions. >> thank you project appellant. >> hello my name is david i'm here on behalf of the pacific rodman gun club i want to pointed out we think the department has done a good job in raising some issues we still feel that the negative declaration is inadequate you get some idea when you take a
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look at the negative declaration published was over 3 hundred pages long i've been doing this for almost over thirty years and not seen a negative so larger that's mass raiding when there should be an eir other thing in responses to our appeal the response is over thirty pages long it give us an idea this may be isn't studied as appropriately as it should be that's our concern one is the piecemeal issue if a developer said he wanted to study the 25 units but we will deal with the 2 thousand unit we'll do later you'll say that the peace male and female this site is only studying the soil order is to study the entire
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impacts on lake merced which is huge this site - this order, this remedial action plan isn't even studying hayes valley howe to clean up the impacts felt water this is piecemealing i'll not try to repeat everything the issue in regards to the alternatives the clean up being proposed inform this site we'll meet off the sighing soil would no acknowledgment or understanding of the end use of this site is going to be after the clean up if you do any other responsible developer they'll august it should be more involved they've identified the
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use of the site then you clean up so you can accommodate that site that's not being done here this is being cleaned up to have anything to be built there housing there will never be housing on thirty this site he next to lake merced but we think it should include alternatives that will force the form of on eir finally, i'd like to talk about the revision this is where i want to compliment the staff identifying the history of the gun club being over 82 years particularly on this site and identified this as a horrifying landmark and it's mitigation measures require the removal
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storage and restoration of those functioning structures and buildings and pads where the activities were undertaken and i'll acknowledge those were historic and should be preserved we believe that the mitigation measures while their a great acknowledgement of the history of the rodman gun club we want to make sure those are define properly and we believe that members of the club should be involved in the removal storage and restoration so those things are put back and seen as to how they were oriental used and intended to be eyed that will require additional language for the mitigation measures so as i said i think the document meditates to be sent back for
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more studying and with regards to the piecemealing or require an eir we believe that is where this project is now so i'm going to use some of my time we'll have other people to speak so i'll be available to answer any questions as well thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is ox b i'm a project manager. >> i believe the appellants want to use the additional time. >> they have approximately 5 minutes remaining. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm charles i'm a neighbor from cool valley in san
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francisco a couple of items i wanted to that i don't think were inadequately addressed in the study of which the gentleman touched on briefing the preservation of equipment that may not be stalled it should be reused there's no mention in the report of the underground infrastructure that includes underground electrical that makes the facility work and in addition to water and plumbing lines underground no one was addressed in the study and at the community would like to be allowed or this report direct them that the monitoring of oil work be done in process to make sure that the facility is capable of being operational
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when the work is complete thank you. >> hi there i'm michael the father of 3 teenagers in san francisco i've been involved in youth baseball and soccer and girls lacrosse and my son got to the rodman gun club in middle school and learned how to trap shoot it materially changed his lives and our lives on this it is my understanding that the rodman gun club it zoned for open recession it appears this is being cleaned up to residential standards and as a homeowner and taxpayer i don't understand it will be cleaned to this standard it didn't make sense david men's your historic review panel found 50 percent of
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the site harassed a can remember historic site so the historic properties in san francisco the number one use it seems like 50 percent of the property four fields and four hours seems like a reasonable person thinks this should continue on as a trap and ski club we're trying to house the 2024 olympics whatever our feeling are this is an olympic sport and reasonable people should find a reasonable solution i spent a lot of my summer traveling to baseball games and reading about the epa and the ph levels as far as what
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i've read about the cleans up and ph h is essentially tar roads and roofs and tar is pretty common substance in our lives and tar in other words, to trap and ski clubs is mainly a hazard when you have fertile animals and wild pigs i don't know know if we have wild pigs in san francisco essentially unless you have wild pigs eating the clay fragments the epa doesn't find them thirty to be a problem so unless we have wide pigs eating them this may not be a problem to be cleaned up at a tune of 15 to $20 million thank you. >> thank you.
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>> my name is frank swan i'm a resident of san francisco and fee taxpayer in that capacity primarily addressing the commission but i am a member of the pacific rodman gun club my main complaint with the declaration started up in the report is that it is based on a report that was incomplete and concluded there were not enough existing data to demonstrate the soil contaminates identified at the site it doesn't conclude they are it proves not enough to demonstrate there are not. >> thank you. >> in the absent. >> sir unfortunately, our team time is expired.
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>> okay. i will conclude that. >> sir, i'm sorry your time is up okay project sponsor. >> good afternoon again my name is o b i'm a project manager the project manager for this radiation project brief i hope everybody what hear me now i hope everybody can hear me now there you go the site has been a gun club since 19 although the site is owned by the sfifs and the puc
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maintained the site open the lake historically the gun club used the gun shop that contains carbons those are car allergic because of those ph the carbons in the target we have levels of led about 10 approximately when the screening is approximately 80 at 2 hundred 6 parts per million parts when they approved screening level is 2 hundred and 10 so we're talking about very elevated levels of contaminates based on those the regional board in san francisco issued a clean order it requires two
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things it executes on one hand to prepare a remedial action plan to address the led and arsenic in soil on site as a result of the cabin site activities the second part of the order asked us to look at what was happening in the sediment underwater around the edge of the gun club that hazard escalated levels of arsenic and c if those levels might cost a problem for the wildlife this is the only thing that are going to come into indication the wildlife those two processes the first part to do the remedial action plan that was due to the board in july of 2013 this was completed the second part of that for us to pick up a
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level appropriate we selected a clean level to insure we don't have opening maintenance responsibilities on the site and ongoing responsibility for the treatment oversight and ongoing restriction on whatever recreational use for the restriction the only way to have a clean goal it insures that we have the highest levels of the contaminates on site address not to have restrictions on future site use at this point there's no site use what we are focused on doing is just cleaning up the high levels of contaminates on the site and future use the site will be some sort of recreation
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we have said we have reiterated that process will be determined through an open public process with all stakeholders and all interested parties including the patrick gun club in determining the use 0 this project that is before us today as staff has already talked about hastening tailed excavating and up hauling 46 cube yards of soil ones that is done we'll restore to it's original grade the main goals to simply clean up the contamination we'll recommend to the commission if we got through to hearing we adapt all the mitigation measures in the m m
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rp and the documentation so that whatever potential environmental impact it results as part of the cleaning up of the site and prelims the board order is effectively mitigated i'm available for questions if you have any. >> thank you thank you. >> well open up for public comment any public comment on this item? >> , sir if you're part of the team for the appellants then our time to speak was afforded during the appellants 10 minute presentation. >> (inaudible).
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>> well as i mean is he part of the rodman gun club. >> i submitted that on my behalf. >> sir we'll let you speak but you shouldn't have come up with the appellant team. >> my mistake. >> partner you speak into the mike and basically. >> basically 3 points one the negative declaration report and the remedial action plan, which are based on the data from the report it is based on incomplete data the a.m. these report
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concluded insufficient data to demonstrate the soil contaminates don't propose a hazard it didn't conclude they do propose a hazard what the missing data on how the soil contaminates get into the bio atmosphere and create human enclosure and human risk and they had no day on the bio availability of the substances and as a result they related on conservative models it will drop the levels below the acceptable standards to the puc has adapted a remedial action plan that is
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the most expensive and didn't consider alternative plans that might be less radical this if this were a normal sequa project that went through the eir process it will automatically be cost analysis without that cost benefit analysis i think the $17 million remediation plan is overstated and based on an over statement of the hazard see based on incomplete data and sources of the contaminate were not identified in the report it is assuming that all the clay target levels and led are- but
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they're clearly other sources at play here namely the proposed clean up will be willfully inadequate 6 and a half miles of asphalt roads within the 6 hundred feet of the lake and the plan should - >> thank you. >> sir, your time is up now. >> is there any additional public comment on this item. >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini. >> i have a lot of questions i guess i should talk to staff first appellant has brought up the question of piecemealing and it sulz to me that you're going to
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you've evaluated the soil and do an evaluation of the lake and determine whether or not the lake needs remediation; is that correct. >> we'll carry out those actions yes. >> i don't really understand i see the shot goes into the lake and just the shells are left where they're fired from it seems like there would be more have a problem within the waters than on the ground. >> well, the problem whether or not theirs exists a problem in the sediment it yet to be determined so the water board has ordered the puc to study that issue issue of soil contamination has been studied and has been determined to have clear up so
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the project before you is a soil remediation project only as ordered by the regional board according to that order the puc will study the lake sediment and determine whether or not there's additional clean up required. >> and reading the report they said a higher significance from 34 to 41 i don't understand why it's historically more significant and that's the time period demonstrated by the resources analysis i can have rod bruce take care speak about that more precise and beyond the period of 1941 was not determined to be part of the historic significance period. >> good afternoon brad brewster
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the cultural resource expert we did a landscape report and portions the pacific gun clubs were significant beginning in 1934 and up until the beginning of world war ii and up to that period the growth and popularity that movement after the war had long sense accessed and it enters into a different historic contents it dates to the 1930s and up to 1941. >> i see your encouraging to shoot clay pigeons instead of realty pigeons i understand i have a few for questions i
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understand the trees are having to be removed a number of trees. >> some of them. >> i don't understand how the trees become involved how that happened or the facts as you right well soil is contaminated over much of the acreage of the site that contamination extended into areas the root balls the trees to effectively clean up the soil that the puc has selected requires that some of those trees be removed from that the soil isn't there the trees can be effectively cleaned up. >> i understand another question regarding the kraep why do we just cover everything over and you know not allow monday afternoon to dig all the pollutant are in the ground or on the surface of the ground if
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it's covered as the case of remediation you don't dig it out. >> that is a question for the regulatory agency the region overlook county control board that ordered the clean up we're not second-guessing their order rather the puc has come to us that with proposal to clean up the site we've done sequa analysis of that proposed soil remediation project. >> i understand you're going doing what you've been told to do i remember on hearing of hunters point theirs levels of clean up and housing is one of the cleanest is it loud - the puc shows the highest level of clean up in order to that a


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